Miniature Querns and millstones

DownloadBack to Jarlshof.Steffen Stummann Hansen:
Miniature quern and millstones: a fragment of Shetland’s Scandinavian past.
New Shetlander, No. 209, 1999, 7-9.

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It is striking that almost all Scandinavien sites in Shetland excavated on a large scale have produced miniature quern- and millstones, typically made of soapstone. This group of artefacts, however, has not been subject to more detailed attention so far. The paper for the first time provides a more detailed description and discussion of this group of artefacts and puts it into a historical context.

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Steffen Stummann Hansen & Anne-Christine Larsen:
Miniaure Quern- and Millstones from Shetland’s Scandinavian Past.
In: Steffen Stummann Hansen & Klavs Randsborg (eds), Vikings in the West. Acta Archaeologica, Vol. 71, 105-121. Copnehagen 2000.