Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland

Medieval Farmsteads in GreenlandOle Guldager, Steffen Stummann Hansen and Simon Gleie:
Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland. The Brattahlid region 1999-2000.
Danish Polar Center Publications 9. Copenhagen 2002.

• Format: 29.5 x 21.0 cm.
• 142 pages, 185 ill.
• Price: DKK 175,00 (+ postage)

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The book presents the results of fieldwork carried out by the authors in the Brattahlið region, the core land of Norse settlement in Greenland, during 1999-2000. The detailed survey resulted in the identification of numerous hitherto unnoticed groups of ruins and the locating of regular medieval farm complexes and shielings which have been hitherto unknown.. Read review here