Fólk í Leirvík í 1901

Fólkini í Leirvík í 1901 – í myndum og tekstiFólk í Leirvík í 1901
– í myndum og teksti

Steffen Stummann Hansen
Kristian Martin Eliasen

Forlagið Søga Føroya/
History Press Faroe Islands 2010

  • Format: 17.0 x 24.0 cm.
  • 416 pages, 379 ill. (Color)
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Photography initially was restricted to the upper strata of society. However, in the decades around 1900 it increasingly become part of everyday lives of ordinary people in the Faroes. People began to flock to the handful of – mostly female – photographers who had established themselves around the islands. Hereby a visual insight into the cultural history of the peried in principle was secured for future generations.

The authors have spent years collecting old photographs (from before 1925) of the 309 residents who lived in the village of Leirvík on Eysturoy by the sensus in 1901. This has resulted in a unique visual cross section of the village’s history.

The book is a result of cooperation between the authors and local communities primarily in the Faroes. It is hoped that the book can help to make this part of the cultural heritage of present to a wider audience and inspire others to continue working with the early history of photography and photographers in the Faroe Islands.

Examples from the book:

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