Review: Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland

Charles E. Schweger, Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta, Edmondton, Alberta, Canada in Études Inuit Studies, Volume 26(2), 2002, pp. 190-192.

“Detailed descriptions of a large number of settlements at the center of the Eastern Settlement is an important contribution whose potential will be revealed through future research. This book presents the initial data set. Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland is well written, edited and printed with minimum errors. The ruins should have been better photographed and the site photos are probably too small to be very useful although circles are used to help identify the ruins. The use of historical and colored photos and reproductions make this an attractive volume. Thanks go to the Danish Polar Center for publishing 142 pages of a type of material rarely dealt with by other publishers and therefore mostly unavailable. I sure wish that I had had a copy of the book when I boated up Tunulliarfik Fjord and visited Qassiarsuk, and how I envy Guldager, Stummann Hansen and Gleie’s opportunity to hike around that beautiful and interesting landscape”.

Ole Guldager, Steffen Stummann Hansen and Simon Gleie:
Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland. The Brattahlid region 1999-2000.
Danish Polar Center Publications 9. Copenhagen 2002.