Kvindelige Pionerer. Et Bidrag til Fotografiens tidlige Historie på Færøerne

New book on the early female photographers in the Faroe Islands.

Steffen Stummann Hansen:
Kvindelige Pionerer. Et Bidrag til Fotografiens tidlige Historie på Færøerne..
Forlagið Søga Føroya/
History Press Faroe Islands 2018.

The women portrayed in this book were pioneers in the early history of photography in the Faroe Islands. They were women with initiative and with a longing to go abroad, which in several cases brought them to Folk High Schools in Denmark. They were women who tried to make a career by expressing themselves creatively and aesthetically through photography. Their choices and contributions also made them pioneers in making women visible in Faroese society. The pictures they took are are kept in homes all over the islands, and represent a material evidence of their contribution.

The women portrayed in the book are Else Birgitte Debess/Pommerencke/Petersen, Else Marie Danielsen, Sophie Elisabeth Hansen, Thurid Jakobsen, Elisabeth Cathrine Müller, Lisa Margretha Helena Gjerdum, Helene Margrethe Hjelm/Dahl, Jørgine Christine Houmann, Johanne Madsen, Angelika Susanne Reinert, Nicoline Pouline Mohr, and Rosa Johannesen.

  • Format 29 x 21 cm
  • 154 pages, 112 ill.
  • Price: 350,00 DKK. (+ postage)
  • Order the book here
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